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Discussion in 'TERA' started by CorpseCreeper, May 4, 2012.

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    CorpseCreeper Community Member

    Hola! (means you to Cabròn =P)
    Started off with a good start and a much better quester than me to be a healing bitch for (Angelo) =P
    We spent a while trying to get a kill in on mobs but dident really work out since theres like 40 people getting 3 4 spawns of 1 mob, so when we saw some Boons getting attacked by other players we naturally went to kick some ass.
    After the fight was over we had the health bar bug so we relogged to get rid of it, but when i logged in again i had 119 Infamy for some stupid reason even tho i hadent killed anyone and only actually hit 1 person that dident even end up getting the KB for.
    We figured people are nice they wont attack us so we go out to kill a mob =P.
    The second we attacked, people started stopping to look at me.... fuckers swarmed me and we were forced to give up questing to get rid of the infamy :(
    When we went into CR, i started noticing that i dident loose any infamy after the first cupple of pulls, which
    makes no sense, and we ended up having to spend 2 hours messing about in CR for much more than was needed.
    After the whole infamy thing was sorted out we went back to questing, where we had to fight for mobs which actually wasent as hard =).
    After a while of questing i thoguht all my troubles were gone and thought 60 here we come.
    Yeah... my land lords wife plugged a high powered water sprayer into my alrdy strayed and shity power outlit and everything went black... God Bless clueless girls =P
    When i tried logging in i had a 30min Queue which isent too bad just annoying.
    After that it went very well and i managed to catch upto Angelo on quests and we kicked butt.
    Then we got to a quest where you have to activate some purification statues or whatever (red quest).
    I thought the coffin quest from the SM instance area was bad but this was horrendous, and by far the worst quest i have ever encountered.
    After 30min or more we finally managed to get it done and we move on.
    Everything goes great until... around 8-9gmt i start lagging...
    Turns out the mother Fudgers down the god damn street doing some building on the road had cut the main cable going to my sentral (internet magic box)... Iv now spent the last 13 hours trying to get people to rush order this thru to the cable people and get this sorted before the weekend.
    This has been the worst freaking Start to a game i have ever had hehe...
    If i dont get to play this weekend and without any shit happening someone is going to DIE!.

    I dunno if i snapped yesterday but i kinda think its funny so i figured id share this experience with you guys to :)
    Im bored to death at work so if you got some funny/depressing stories please do share =)

    Sorry for my terrible english =)
    Hope you dident wait too long Angelo.. sorry man hopefully ill be on today after work so we can keep on going.
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    Saul Community Member

    Funny = Bought a Bacon & Egg Sandwich from a Jewish Road Side Cafe this morning.

    Depressing = Dripped half the Egg down my shirt at work.. :(
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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    My Tera experience hasn't started yet, servers are still locked. :(
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    i must say, cool story bro!

    Trolling aside, i did that stone quest alone so the main bulk seem to have moved forward. What really sucks is the fact that some of our guys cant even get on the server...
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    this is my new meme
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    Ok but yeah new release super busy servers which this one was always going to be is a pain inthe ass, but the survive the longest so worth the pain in the long run
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    CorpseCreeper Community Member

    Yeah it was kinda gonna happen no matter what tho.. Aside from every good pvp guild wanting to be on this server they have thousends of fan boys wanting on it aswell.
    Look at it this way Omni you wont have to deal with Rus Corp and those other twats lvling up :)
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    CorpseCreeper Community Member

    YES! I am online! Thank god... was going crazy... seeya online in an hour or so Boonies :)

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