MMO Nostalgia, Did Anyone Else Like Corpse Runs?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, May 15, 2013.

  • by Acina, May 15, 2013 at 12:24 PM
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    So this post by my good friend Dalmarus over at TenTonHammer, got the old nostalgia juices flowing yet again! I remember the days of corpse runs and the fun (at the time it was) getting back to your body and worldly possessions, the fact there was a character/class mechanic to help (Necromancers were never out of work summoning folk) and it made people think about what they were doing rather than just blindly running in as they do now.

    So my question to you, of everything you have experienced (old and new) in your time playing MMO’s what elements of gameplay would you bring back and what would you get rid of – if you were the developer?

    Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear the reasons behind your choices as well :)

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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, May 15, 2013.

  1. Xom
    Full loot. I remember my days playing Emlen MUDs. That thrill when you encountered the other alignment, knowing you could lose absolutely everything. It was better than sex, the adrenalin coursing through the system. It also meant you had to actually plan any pvp masterfully.

    I don't think this will work in mmorpgs, and pvp in mmorpgs have disappointed me after having experienced the above, but damn, do I want that rush back.
  2. Law
    If you want to waste years of lifetime, play EVE :D
    Nothing better than flying around in a 6 billion Tengu that can be a total loss in seconds if you make a mistake, that gives me a rush every time.
  3. Xom
    Yup, guess I fell victim to what prevents many of us from enjoying a game like that nowadays: Like of time due to irl. Read: growing up :(
  4. Aspira
    I wish I could rate this as "sadtimes".
  5. Saul
    The majority seem to relate to consequence. which I would also sign up too. EvE was only really scary when you didnt belong to a huge corp and it did really mean a huge amount if you lost your pimped up ship, same in Darkfall, UO, the list goes on.

    For me, whilst I loved 40 man WoW raids, had good times in open PvP in Xroads and T-Mill, WoW still killed MMO's for me. not Blizzards fault, but the huga amount of Dev's who craved Blizz numbers and cash and went for ez mode themepark shite MMO's. Like it or not MMO's have been on a downward spiral since then. We all have our old time MMO's that we love, DAoC, EvE, SWG, LInage, UO, Etc. I for one don't just think it's nostalgia, I think its sanitation. Wether it was a a full consequence Sandbox like I love, or a hard learning curve Themepark, the point is, they were not as sanitised casual inclusive piles of shite like we have seen for the past 6 years or so.

    So in short make the damned things harder and not so casual friendly, and for me, ditch the Themepark and go back to the Sandbox, nothing a dev can write matches player generated events, story, content.
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  6. Feidan
    This so much. Give us the tools to create out own fun.
  7. Acina
    I must say over the 2 threads I have started about thus sort of thing recently there have been very few folk that have commented on a game from the last 3/4 years, whether it's the rose tinted glasses of the first MMO you played or the last 3/4 years have been utter shite MMO wise!
  8. Allstar
    Well, I could talk forever about how much I loved Aion but I agree, Aion represented the exception rather than the rule.

    Either that or we're all jaded old gits :p
  9. Acina
    I would have to agree here, added to that the only reason things started to drop off was the aberrant management surrounding merges and free transfers - one happening within a week of the other, for those that don't know what I'm harping on about :p
  10. Aspira
    I would probably still be playing Aion if the free transfers hadn't broke the servers.
  11. Law
    That game is so addictive I had to close RL down for 2 years until I crawled out to see the sun. Eve online where it takes 25 real life years to max one toon. Crazy and sad at the same time.
    They better hurry up with cryo pods cause I really want to see what MMO's are like in 2100.
  12. Gib

    After weeks of provocation, raids on Southshore and blockades at Thandol span it was time to end this period of Horde aggression and show them that the Alliance will not allow them to push into the heart of our Eastern Kingdoms. The kings room in Ironforge was full, guild leaders from all five races calling up their forces to make ready for war, to rise up in defiance of the Horde monstrosities that call themselves The Forsaken.

    We ride, from the gates of Ironforge pour warriors, mages, paladins and priests, shaman, warlocks and rogues. Across the mountains with banners whipping and cracking in the cold winter air and down through the sweating Wetlands mire to Thandol Span.

    They were waiting.

    The two armies smashed together in a haze of crackling magic and sparks from steel upon steel, back and forth across the span we fought until they broke beneath our onslaught as we are through to Hammerfall, lifting the siege on Refuge Point and then chasing down the fleeing broken bones of men and monsters through silverpine to the very gates of Lordaeron itself.

    "This is no time to falter, no time to halt in fear or cower at the gates of the enemy, this is our time, our homeland, and it is time to take it back, for Lordaeron, for the Alliance, charge......"


    The beating heart of any MMO is the imagination of the players.

    Back on old dieing Daggerspine in the months after I left Boon on Kazzak I was disgusted to find Horde and Alliance dancing together in Ironforge so I went about stirring up a war. We had a ton of the best world PvP I ever saw in WoW with as many as 300 players taking part in battles waged across whole continents including...

    The battle of Thandol Span
    Rumble in the Jungle
    The real Warsong Gulch
    Siege of Orgrimmar
    Operation "they ain't going fucking nowhere" (coordinated attack on almost every Horde flightmaster in Kalimdor).

    and many others.

    Great times, great fun, the dev's didn't like it and brought in stupidsuperguards.

    Best times ever on my mage Blister

    Actually come to think of it Blizz used to promote my events on the WoW front page cos i used to write a little story and stuff, here's a link to one I found cached away somewhere.

    Oh I forgot, what would I change

    No flying mounts
    No porting everywhere from cities
    No stupidsuperguards, if players value their shit they can guard it.
    No "achi's", no pet battles, no bullshit nonsense that distracts from the lore and immersion
  13. Aspira
    Agree with this, especially suerguards.

    The AI shouldn't be there to protect a factions real estate, that is what the factions players are there to do. I mean, if the game had say a weekly event where an AI faction attacked your factions city, people wouldn't cry about it, they would fight for their faction. I see no reason why when the enemy is players and not the AI that people get so butthurt and cry to devs for these superguards that basically kill world PvP.

    I disagree with you an achievements though. Whilst I do agree that the way the WoW ones work are probably not the best way to do it, a system similar to the compendium on Warhammer Online but with achievements of sorts in it would be a much better way to go. It would be less "hey lets go do this awesome achievement for the epeen", and more "oh look, I did something awesome and my compendium is telling me about it".
  14. Gib
    If the achievements are lore related or contribute to immersion that's fine.

    Kill a million critters... no thanks
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  15. Angelo
    You forget though that not everyone plays for lore/RP. Some people just love to complete achievements, while others love to do quests and i think both should be rewarded, I feel just having something saying that you did this achievement or completed this long quest isn't enough. You need to reward players with some sort of vanity item so they can show off, because who doesn't love to show off?
  16. Feidan
    In my opinion:
    Achievements that reflect skill = good
    Achievements that reflect time invested = bad
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  17. Angelo
    Both should be rewarded, whats the point of grinding out dungeons, that shows no skill to a certain extent yet shows a lot of time invested.
  18. Feidan
    Do you grind it only for the achievement?
  19. Angelo
    I didn't say anything about the achievements, I said that people should be rewarded for things they invest time in as well as thing that show some level of skill.

    In achievements, all of them will be time consuming and may not always show any specific type of skill, but should still be there as there are people who like that kind of stuff and it doesn't hurt anyone else with it being there.
  20. Feidan
    I agree with that. I was only talking about achievements, not rewards in general.

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