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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Mulvin, Sep 11, 2019.

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    Mulvin Community Member

    Character Facts
    Question: Character Name?Answer: MulvinQuestion: Character Class and Role? (Do both, Alliance and Horde)
    Answer: Warrior, probably going fury. But don't mind tanking. Alliance.Question: Planned Activity? (Social, Casual Useful Guildie, Raider, Balls Deep HC everything, I don't do half measures) CLOSED FOR SOCIAL/CASUAL APPLICATIONS - ONLY EXCEPTIONS WILL BE OLD BOONS WHO HAVE RAIDED OR PLAYED HARDCORE WITH KATIECHOPS FOR LONG PERIODS.
    Answer: Mostly wanna raid. But also like helping out. Also getting my blacksmithing up and hope it can serve not only me but the guild as well. Probably going to get hooked by Alterac Valley as well for some pvp shennaningans.

    Player Facts
    Question: How old are you?
    Answer: 24
    Question: Where do you live?
    Answer: Sweden
    Question: Can you raid Wed, Thur 20:15 - 23:30 Server time? (additional nights possible - Onyxia, ZG, AQ20 etc)
    Answer: Yes!
    Question: We are thick skinned and love getting yelled at, do you?
    Answer: Oh hell yeah.
    Question: Where do you read up on your classes theorycrafting info and what other website tools or addons do you use to improve your gameplay?
    Answer: I've mostly been on to iceyveins but have also been checking out some guides on youtube before classic was released.
    Question: Are you able and willing to use Voice Comms and a microphone?
    Answer:Yes sir! and or mam.
    Question: Is your connection/system sufficient enough to raid with? This is important
    Answer:Oh yeah, no doubt. Fiber baby.
    Question: What online games have you played so far, what role did you play in your previous guilds-clans (normal member-officer) and what kind of gamer are you (active-hardcore)?
    Answer: Well I've dabbled in almost every Wow expansion. My peak was WOTLK / early CATA. Also got a couple of 80s on Guild Wars 2. Also played loads of shooters and team games like Overwatch and League of Legends. I'd say I'm a fairly active gamer. I work full time but once my workday is over it's computer time. Never really had any "role" in previous guild tbh. But I am usually quite chatty and enjoyable to play with. I'm focused and try not to waste anyones time.
    Question: What are your past mmo raiding and pvp experiences?
    Answer: I've raided quite a lot in WOTLK with a swedish guild called Nephilim and got 12/12 in Cata prenerf.
    So I'd say I'm a pretty veteran player when it comes to raiding and WoW in general. PvP was never a focus of mine, but I do enjoy it. As I've mentioned earlier probably gonna hang out in AV a lot once it releases.

    Additional information
    Question: Why do you want to join BOON Control?
    Answer: Played with a couple of your guildies in SM and ya'll seem like competent and friendly players.
    Question: How did you hear about us?
    Answer: As mentioned above, happened to do some SM runs with some people from your guild.
    Question: General comments (Pretty much whatever you might want to add to your application).
    Answer: I'm not that great and these applications but I am great at being a fun, caring, and focused guild member! Who has much love for Wow ESPECIALLY classic. Though work and sometimes friends might steal me away at times I'm dedicated to reach 60 and raid the living shit out of vanilla! Hope I get a chance to prove it to you guys, and let's go get dat loot!
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    Tyril Classic Guild Member

    Grouped with this guy earlier today, canny person, wanted to know if we're a nice guild as the one he was in turned toxic pretty fast.
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    Sharrebarre Classic Guild Member

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    Katiechops Guild Master

    Sorry mate we are now over subscribed with warriors inteh ranks and had to close warrior recruitment, I hope you find a great place to enjoy WoW with.

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